Trusted by financial institutions and businesses since 1931,Superior Press combines financial industry expertise with state-of-the-art products and solutions to service the valuable commercial clients of the nation’s top banks. Superior Press specializes in providing complete, personalized treasury, cash management, and fraud prevention solutions including:

  • Check Printing, Customized Financial Forms and Stamps
  • Cash vault supplies and Cash Counters and Discriminators
  • RDC Scanner Solutions
  • Remote Cash Capture and Smart Safes
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Intelligent Entry Scanners for Safe Working Environments
  • Retail Branch Solutions
  • Service Call Centers for Technical Support for Hardware Upgrades, Conversion and Platform Migrations
  • Merger and Acquisition Support


A Family Business 


In 1995, an opportunity presented itself to Bob Traut to invest in a small, struggling check printer based in Los Angeles. As president of a Chicago-based company at the time, Bob decided to leave the windy city and return to home to fulfill a lifelong dream of having a family business where he would work side by side with his four sons. Born out of the Great Depression in 1931, Superior Press had always maintained a strong client service reputation within the banking industry, but needed new leadership and a new strategic direction. Bob’s big vision for his new venture? Create long lasting relationships built on trust, personal service, and be unique in the marketplace, as banks’ source for  treasury products to banks’ business clients.

We pride ourselves on being fully committed to each client’s success.