Check Scanner Extended Warranty Program

Enjoy peace of mind with minimal disruption.
Warranty Features

Our goal is to get a replacement scanner into your hands as fast as possible, limiting any service interruption. The extended warranty process is quick and smooth making any claims stress free.   

Safety Switch
Replacement Unit
Upon report of a warranty repair, we will ship a replacement unit immediately.
Compact Handle
There are no additional shipping fees. We will provide a pre-paid shipping label.
Quality Stainless
Parts & Materials
We use only the highest OEM parts and materials for your scanner repair.
Non-slip Handle
Repair technicians will perform the required maintenance and repair.

Plan Options 

1 Year - Full Coverage

2 Year - Receive 2 FREE months

3 Year - Receive 3 FREE months

Most scanners come with a limited OEM manufactures warranty for up to 1 year*. These warranties are limited in coverage and may require you to pick up the shipping fees. To get the most life out of your scanner, opt for a Superior extended warranty, where we ensure you will have a functioning scanner with minimal interruption in case of breakage. Take advantage of our multi-year warranties for a reduced fee.

Protect your investment and limit service interruption!

*Please check with your scanners OEM warranty policy for details.

Superior Techs

Experts in Check Scanner Repair

Our technicians are trained in general check scanner maintenance and repair for our most popular scanner manufactures: Panini, Digital Check, and Epson. They can troubleshoot and repair most issues.

Covered Scanner Brands

Our Extended Warranty is eligible for scanners from these manufactures: