Panini Vision 1 Single Feed

Panini Vision 1 Single Feed

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Designed to support Low Volume small-medium businesses.

The Vision 1 is a single drop feed, high value version of Vision X for highly professional and user-friendly small-medium business Remote Deposit Capture or low volume Teller Image Capture applications.

The Vision 1 is able to read MICR with top accuracy, capture superior quality duplex images (including TrueColor and FastColor) and physically mark items on the rear side via its one-line ink jet printer – effectively positioning it for all circumstances where legislation, compliance requirements, or the Financial Institution’s preference imposes the use of rear physical item endorsement – while simplified mechanics and no feeder consumables enable even simpler maintenance and increased cost savings.

The Vision 1 leverages the proven performance and capabilities of the world’s most trusted platform in check capture, the Panini Vision X – universally considered the industry benchmark for distributed capture with close to a million installations worldwide – bringing its many advantages and benefits to a small volume capture scenario, including its ergonomic drop feed mechanism and superior document handling.

  • Vertical drop single feed
  • Advanced MICRPlus® magnetic reading 
  • Grayscale and bitonal duplex imaging
  • Color duplex imaging
  • Virtual endorsement
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty