Semacon S‐960 Currency Authenticators

Semacon S‐960 Currency Authenticators

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Cordless Automatic Currency Authenticator/Counterfeit Detector, All USD Banknotes Currency Types, Processing Speed Less Than 0.75 Seconds, Pinpoints Counterfeit Suspect US Banknotes

The Semacon S-960 Cordless Automatic Currency Authenticator was designed with state of the art measurement sensors and Semacon's SmartCert banknote analysis technology for the advanced detection of US counterfeit banknotes. These machines are used by government and law enforcement agencies, banks, credit unions, casinos, retail stores and other industries

Key Features

  • Ease of Use: Simple Pass/Fail indicator and eject direction control in a durable compact spacesaving design. Feeding a bill into the machine is done quickly and easily, followed by an immediate indication of the authentication results
  • State of the Art Detection Technology: Utilizes Semacon’s SmartCert leading edge technology including custom designed sensors to authenticate each banknote
  • Fast Processing and Results: Banknotes are processed at a rate of 80 per minute. Authenticated notes may be ejected through the rear of the machine or returned to the feed tray and cause the PASS indicator to be illuminated
  • Rechargeable Battery: While in battery mode the machine will operate for 10–14 hours depending on the frequency of use
  • Upgrades: Can be easily upgraded to handle any future banknote releases which may be issued by the Federal Reserve Bank


  • Currency Types: All USD Banknotes
  • Processing Speed: Less Than 0.75 Seconds
  • Power Requirements: 100-240VAC/50–60Hz/12VDC Adapter
  • Battery: Li-Ion 12VDC Rechargeable
  • Dimensions: 4.75"Wx3.25"Dx2.5"H
  • Weight: 12 oz